Basic Scan Settings

Once at the "Start a Scan" page you will see the scan settings in the main window, and information on your application, quota, and help text on the right. The following scan settings are available:

  • Version Name: Defines the name of the new scan and is in almost all cases the version number.
  • Tags: Separate your tags with a comma. Tags will help with the identifications of scans.
  • Select Parent: Previous scan used to define the code base and the detected issues your new scan will be compared to (only available if you've scanned your application at least once already).
  • Analysis Profile: The analysis profile used for the scan (see more on Analysis Profiles).
  • Database Update (Java only): Scan new dependencies.
  • Scan for: You can choose to scan for Exploitable security issues, code quality issues, or both.

After you have started the scan, you will be redirected to the scan summary.