Account Settings

The account settings page is where you will manage your account information and account settings. To navigate to this page click on your account name and then use the Account Settings link within the user-menu.

Here you are able to change the global filtering of negatively reviewed issues. The value can be changed to:

Change Profile Information

You can edit the following account details:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email Address

Changing your email address will require a new confirmation (SaaS only).

Change Password

The new password must adhere to our Password Security policy. You need to enter the current password as well as the new one.

Changing your account password will require you to re-enter your authentication details.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

RIPS uses TOTP for multi-factor authentication and thus supports apps such as Google Authenticator (Android, iPhone). Setting it up for the first time works as follows:

  1. Click on the "Reqiest New Secret" button.
  2. Add RIPS to your MFA application.
  3. Enter a token generated by your MFA application.
  4. Now your account is set-up for MFA and will require a new token on the next login.

Remove MFA

Once MFA was set-up you will be able to click the "Remove MFA" button.

Notification Settings

Here you can set-up global notifications for your account. Depending on whether your installation supports email notifications there will be different kind of options in the table.

Delete Account

It is possible to delete your account by selecting the "Delete" tab found on the account settings page. From there you can click "Yes, delete" to confirm you want to delete your account.

This action is irrevocable. All data will be deleted and logging into the RIPS dashboard is not possible anymore.