This section provides a brief guide on how to get started wit RIPS.

Application bar

The application bar provides an overview of the currently active scans (see image below), links to organizational modules of RIPS (new scan, analysis profiles, user management, and account profile), notifications, and the user you are currently logged in with.


Content-specific help recommendations can be found in the application bar as well. With a click in the question mark icon a drop-down menu will open with links to our documentation or other articles and sections. 


The navigation in the RIPS user interface is mainly split into two components:

  • General module navigation at the top (in the application bar)
  • Nested sidebar navigation through your applications and results with an integrated search field

The sidebar section is where you will navigate between applications, scans, and issues. The content display will reflect the context being viewed. The top of the sidebar will display the currently viewed context, and also serves as a button to navigate to the previous context.