License / Quota Administration

Quotas define your organizations contingent in regard to scanning and hold the following information:

  • Language: A quota is only usable for a specific language.
  • Applications: Defines how many different applications can be created and analyzed.
  • Scans: Defines how many scans can be performed on your applications.
  • Max. Users: Defines how many user accounts can be active.
  • Max. Loc: Defines the maximum number of lines of code that can be analyzed.
  • Change Threshold: Defines the ratio (in percent) of source code changes a new version can differ from its parent.
  • From / until: Defines in which period of time the quota is valid.

You can inspect all your quotas on the License Information page in the dashboard. You can see a curated summary of all your quotas by opening the user menu on top right.

Flexible applications

If you use one of the flexible quotas, you can remove applications from it and free up the used slot. You can see these special quotas with the tag Flexible  in your Licenses list.