Updating RIPS

Use the following steps to update RIPS On-Premises on your local server with the help of the RIPS installer:

All On-Premises customers are informed by email when important updates are available. You can find out all the details of each update in our release notes.


It is highly recommended to create a database backup before applying any updates.

/opt/rips/rips3.py rips:exec db bash
cd /backups
mysqldump_rips api > backup.sql


To download the latest stable version of RIPS simply run rips3.py rips:update. Do not interrupt the updating process! Database migrations might run for a while.

/opt/rips/rips3.py rips:update


It is possible to update RIPS on a system that is not connected to the Internet. To do this the RIPS images first have to be downloaded on a system that is connected to the Internet with the help of the installer.

/opt/rips/rips3.py rips:download

The images have to be moved to the RIPS server where they can be used to update RIPS. Simply specify the path to the images through the environment variable RIPS_OFFLINE_IMAGES and continue with the normal update.

export RIPS_OFFLINE_IMAGES=images.tar