Server Requirements

RIPS is a server software that was designed to run on Linux systems. It exposes two HTTP ports, the user interface and the API, that can be used to interact with it.

LOC per Scan RAM* per Scan CPU Cores Free Disk Space OS Other Software
200K 8 GB

Minimum: 2

Recommended: 4

Minimum: 25 GB

Recommended: 50 GB

Linux** Docker CE >= 17.03
500K 16 GB
1M 25 GB
2M 50 GB

* These are pessimistic estimates. The amount of required memory depends on the number of lines of code and the coding style. RIPS will not be able to finish its analysis if it runs out of memory.

** RIPS is compatible with operating systems that support Linux Docker containers. It is highly recommended to use a current version of one of the major Linux distributions, for example Ubuntu, Debian, or CentOS. See the table below for more details. "Docker for Mac" is not supported.

Supported Linux Distributions