Moving RIPS

Use the following steps to move RIPS On-Premises from your local server to another local server with the help of the RIPS installer.

Before starting the process please make sure that all hardware and software requirements are fulfilled.


If you want to move your RIPS installation to another server you only have to move your data directory (by default /var/rips3) to the new server. This can be easily done with scp. Make sure to preserve your permissions.

scp -rp root@old-rips-server:/var/rips3 /var/rips3


Create an installation directory with secure permissions on the new server.

mkdir -p /opt/rips
chown root:root /opt/rips
chmod 750 /opt/rips

Download the installer from and make it executable.

wget -O /opt/rips/
chown root:root /opt/rips/
chmod 755 /opt/rips/


Afterwards the RIPS installer can be used to start RIPS.

/opt/rips/ rips:start

It might be necessary to set a new API URL. This can be done with rips:configMake sure to reset your browser cache after changing the API URL.

/opt/rips/ rips:config --api-url --restart