A plugin to integrate RIPS as a quality gate into your TeamCity instance.


1.0.03.X≥ 2018JetBrainsRIPS



  1. Download the plugin from the link listed above.
  2. Go the the Administration page.
  3. Click on Plugin List and then upload the plugin zip file via the "Upload plugin zip" button.

TeamCity Plugin Repository

The plugin is not released in the official plugin repository yet. Please use the download link above.


  • To configure a new RIPS build step please select RIPS Security Scan as the runner type.
  • Enter the URL to your RIPS UI.
  • Enter the URL to your RIPS API. Our SaaS API is available at This API also works for trial accounts. For On-premises, make sure to also add the port of your API, for example:
  • Enter your RIPS user account credentials that will be used for scanning.

  • You can test your login by hitting the Check connection button, or by just leaving the password input field (e.g. press tab or click somewhere else).
  • If your login was successful, you should see further configuration options:

  • First, select your application slot in the top drop-down menu. You can only select previously created applications.
  • After you selected your application all of its associated analysis profiles are loaded. If you select a profile, its settings are enables for all scans.
  • Optionally, you can change the analysis depth and scan version pattern manually.
  • Finally, you can decide whether you want to enable thresholds for detected security issues. If the maximum number of allowed issues is reached in a scan, the build step will fail.