A plugin to synchronize your RIPS security issues with your Jira instance in both directions.


You can find out more about our Jira plugin in our blog post.


Your RIPS and Jira instance must be able to communicate in both directions.


PluginAPIJIRALink≥ 7.6Atlassian Marketplace | RIPS
2.2.03.x≥ 7.6Atlassian Marketplace | RIPS

Manual Installation

  1. Click on the gear at the rop right (Jira Administration).
  2. Then go to Add-ons → Manage add-ons Upload add-on.
  3. Browse to the location the .obr file and select it.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.

What will be synchronized?

RIPS → Jira

  • Issues
  • Reviews
  • Comments

Jira → RIPS

  • Comments
  • Reviews (Jira Status)


  1. In your project click on Project Settings and then on RIPS Sync.
    After that fill in the connection data and click on Next.

    UI URL*URL of the RIPS user interface of your installation or SaaS Solution (https://saas.ripstech.com).
    API URL*

    URL of the RIPS API that should be used for scanning.
    Our SaaS API is available at https://api-3.ripstech.com. This API also works for trial accounts.
    For On-premises, make sure to also add the port of your API, for example:

    Username*Email of your RIPS user account


    Password of your RIPS user account
  2. Set a custom callback URL or reporter. Both are optional.

  3. Select the application you want to sync and press Next.

  4. Choose for every of the four fields a useful priority and click on Next.

  5. Click directly on Finish or change the filter of type categories used for sync.

  6. Now you will see a overview of your settings.
    You are able to change the priority and filter settings afterwards.

    Here you can also
    1. trigger a manual sync of the last scan (no callbacks will be registered on the last scan),
    2. pause the complete sync mechanism,
    3. delete the sync,
    4. Inspect possible synchronization failures or
    5. Edit the callback URL and the reporter.


New Jira tickets will be automatically created when a scan for your synchronized application is started and new issues are found.

You can add comments to each Jira ticket that will be synchronized with RIPS.

You can select different workflow categories to add a review label to each issue.

In order to close a Jira ticket, you can select the workflow Fixed.