RIPS allows to add tags to a scan. Tags help to identify scans, for example in the context of SCM systems and automated code analysis it makes sense to specify the branch name as a tag. When searching for a parent scan RIPS will first try to find a scan with the same tags. This is desirable because multiple people may be working on different versions of the code at the same time. Without tags the last scan of the application is used automatically for comparison which can be from any branch. If the code differs too much this results in different issue findings and the old issues can not be mapped to the new issues anymore, so reviews and comments are not inherited.

For more information on how to start a scan manually please refer to the API specification. A POST request to /applications/{applicationId}/scans that uses tags could look like this:

Example Request
	"scan": {
		"version": "tag test",
		"upload": 1
	"tags": [