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RIPS is available in two different product editions, namely as a Software-as-a-Service platform and as an On-Premises installation. Technically, all analysis features and user experiences are identical. There are some small exceptions that are highlighted as such throughout this user guide.

Licenses for both product editions are typically restricted by a maximum number of applications and user accounts.

Integration options and plugins are included in all licenses.


We host your RIPS instance on our secure servers without the need for server administration tasks on your side.

The maximum number of code lines (LOC) and the maximum number of scans is restricted in our SaaS licenses.


Our On-Premises license allows to install RIPS on your (offline) server in your local network. It is ideal for the tight integration of our superior security analysis engine into your development or regular audit process. At the same time, you stay in full control over your resources and data.

The number of code lines (LOC) per application is unlimited. The number of scans are only restricted for consulting licenses.

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